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Performance Detail are proud to announce we now offer the fitment of Rimskins™ for your vehicle.

Rimskins™ rim protector offers an innovative way to protect valuable wheel rims from kerb scratches and damage incurred while parking. Fitted to the outer edge of the wheel, Rimskins™ provide a barrier between the wheel rim and the kerb. Rimskins™ are intended to be a sacrificial product that will go on protecting the rims after many scrapes. Rimskins™ can also be used to cover existing damage. Rimskins™ not only protects but it can beautify your rims while potentially saving you thousands from rim damage. Get Rimskins™ today & enjoy the customised look while having peace of mind that your valuable rims are protected against accidentally pavement scratches. Available in black, red, grey/silver, white, yellow and blue.



Unsightly damage from previous knocks and scrapes doesn’t need to be an expensive fix. Installation of Rimskins™ provide a quick, easy and visually appealing alternative without having to remove your wheels.



Back to looking brand new with an easy 5-10 minute installation per wheel!

UV Stable Rubber Polymer

Rimskins™ is the only rim protector available on the market that uses a two part UV stable rubber polymer, not conventional plastic. The result is longer lasting protection that will not be compromised by exposure to the elements. Rimskins™ are an inexpensive way to improve car’s appearance, no need to remove the tire, simple easy application process. For each Rimskins™  purchased, you’ll also receive a Rimskins™ wipe that must be used to ensure your wheel is clean of road grime and priming the adhesive thus ensuring a good bond.

For queries or to book an appointment, email us on info@performancedetail.co.za


Before making a booking please check that your rims are suitable from the following diagrams. If you are not sure of your rim’s suitability or even of your rim size, please email us a picture of your rim including the tyre label to info@performancedetail.co.za and we will endeavour to help you out.

Our pricing is dependent upon your wheel size. If you are unsure of your wheel size please contact us and we will help you out.

To supply and fit 4x rims in the colour of your choice the prices are as follows:

Fitment price from R899

Rimskins™ are also available to purchase as a DIY kit for you to apply yourself. Each pack contains 4 rimskins in a colour of your choice, as well as 4 preparation wipes and installation instructions.




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